the story of Adrenalynn

* tattoo artist * body piercer * ballerina

thanks for checking out my blog. feel free to leave a comment I check them daily… small pink heart  availability.


  1. Yay! I’m your first (comment)! I’d like to add that I’ve known Adrianna Lynn since her early SG days, and she just keeps getting hotter! She’s on my “most wanted” list of women I wish to meet!

  2. Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year! haha!

  3. She is beautiful…

  4. Thanks so much for stickin’ with me so long. Damn how time flies… I was just 19 when I was a suicide girl

  5. Hey Just stop by to show some love

  6. Juust stoped by to check out your blog, and Yes I have days like that where I listen to the same song over and over not nowing weather it’s making me happy or sad just means you got soul babe much luv

  7. hey adrianna, ur awesome, just wish there were girls like you livin here in australia. we got plenty of hotties but nowhere near as creative as you. your a cool chick!! all the best to ya, James x

  8. hey whats up miss Adrianna. So I checked out your blogs… impressed. At least you seem to look like your always having fun. Thats gotta be a big bonus. Chat it up with you again soon… keep up the sexyness of this site. Mike.

  9. Thanks so much for actually letting me know you have been here. I do try to have as much fun as I can when I can!


  10. Adrianna,

    You are incredible! I have actually met a girl in Thailand that looks just like you, minus the breasts, of course. I didn’t think that was possible. 😉
    Honestly, you are beautiful and have everything going for yourself. That’s what’s most attractive about you…your desire to step outside the box and do what makes you happy…AWESOME!
    Anytime you’re in Maryland, I would love to see you!

  11. LOVE seeing every one of your pictures on the site Adrianna – you are GORGEOUS! You can work for me anytime – ever want to see yourself on National TV commercials ? Just let me know – I can hook that up for ‘ya 🙂

  12. you may be the finest woman i have ever seen in my life. Right up there with halle berry. but i have to ask why do porn ? you should be in main stream hollywood your finer than 99% of those bitchs.

  13. just what i do…

  14. to be honest,i would like to fuck you,like an animal,adriana…i would propose you.. 😉
    you’re the sexiest girl on the net kiss

  15. She is sooo fucking hot….

  16. I just wanted to say hello, that you are beautiful and keep doing your thing…and also..just curious…what is your ethnicity…if i would have to guess i would say mexican….maybe mixed with something else… well whatever it is….it came out looking great 😉

  17. If anyone can tell me where to find God’s website I would really appreciate it ’cause I need to hit the ‘props’ button and thank him for the extra-special, absolutely beautiful job he did on this babydoll right here: Adrenalynn, can I take you home to mom? She’s been asking for grandkids for a minute now, and you’re by far the only one I’d loooove to make them with… okay, if you’ll excuse me, now I have to go bang my head against the wall and get back to reality. :o)

  18. Hi Adrianna! I saw you few days ago for the first time in Cheerleaders and you became my favorite pornstar! So beautiful face, great body, cool tattoos,… Kiss!

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